Thursday, 17 March 2016

1pm update - R2K appears to want 1100

Price structure on the second market leader - R2K, appears bullish, and it would seem the R2K wants to make a play for the 1100 threshold, a level which has been very important across the past five years. If the R2K has another day or two of upside, then it still bodes for the other indexes (at the very least) to hold current levels.

R2K, daily

R2K, weekly


So.. eyes on the R2K, which right now, is threatening further upside tomorrow.. at least in the morning.

A reversal day for tomorrow's quad-opex?

As things are, the R2K is still swaying me to hold back... even though price levels are already extremely attractive.

notable weakness... TVIX, daily

I have eyes on TVIX, but I really am doing my damndest to be patient. The lower it goes..the more comfortable I'll be in hitting buttons. Without question, with the VIX already now in the 13s... downside is increasingly limited.

stay tuned!