Thursday, 17 March 2016

12pm update - VIX melts to the 13s

As US equity indexes continue to grind higher (if slowly), the VIX is naturally still melting lower, having now broken to the 13s, the lowest level since Nov' 4th 2015, when the sp' was 2114. Prime resistance zone remains sp'2038/43, with Dow having filled its gap of 17405/425.




So... we have to be close, right?

Its not like the VIX can go much lower, having cooled from 30 to the 13s... with sp'1810 to 2034.

notable strength, miners, GDX, daily1

The gold miners never did see a proper retrace (much like Gold itself), and we're already pushing to new highs.
time for lunch

12.30pm.. and here comes the sp'2038 gap zone... with VIX 13.98.