Friday, 22 January 2016

3pm update - chop into the weekend

US equities appear stuck around the sp'1900 threshold, and regardless of the exact close, it has been a pretty wild week, with the sp' breaking a new multi-year low of 1812, along with VIX 32s. Further equity upside is due across much of next week, with the FOMC press release likely to help.




*there is a clear gap in the VIX, and they almost always get filled very quickly.

There is threat of equities opening lower on Monday, with VIX 25/26s.. before pushing upward. So.. Monday, look for an opening black-fail candle for the VIX in the gap !

Having ramped from 1812 to 1908 (4.8%) across just 15 trading hours or so, it could be expected to see some degree of selling into the weekly close, but current momentum remains swinging back toward the bulls.

On balance.... we'll likely close where we currently are.

Considering its been a short 4 day week.... it kinda feels like a 6 day week.

Clown finance TV....

So.. she loses money on her trades, but hopes to gain back via sales from her 'art work'.


I know how to draw lines. Anyone want to buy a chart for $150,000 ?

If you want me to sign it.. thats an extra $10k.