Friday, 22 January 2016

12pm update - bullish sunset for a short week

US equities are holding significant gains, and the only issue for today is whether the weekly close is a little above or below, the sp'1900 threshold. Regardless of the exact close, further equity gains look due across much of next week. Bounce target is the sp'1970s, with VIX 18s.



As things are, we're set for at least a moderate net weekly gain, and somewhat understandably, many are now touting a major rally.

Ironically, having already battled from 1812 to 1906, half of the rally/bounce has already occurred.

The monthly cycles remain absolutely clear.... price momentum is increasingly bearish, we're headed much lower in the weeks and months ahead.

Here in London city...

Bullish sunsets

The storm front clears to the east

Selling has been fenced off.... for now.

After a torrential rainstorm... a front has abruptly cleared just in time to give a perfect sunset.

VIX update from Mr S... aka.. the Godfather

time for tea