Thursday, 31 December 2015

3pm update - the closing hour of 2015

US equities have seen a clear fail to turn positive, with another wave lower, back to around sp'2050. A year end close below the monthly 10MA (2052) would necessitate alarm bells in even the most bullish of bull maniacs. Metals are back to flat, whilst Oil is cooling from earlier highs, currently +1.2%


AAPL, daily


*AAPL is warning of trouble.. much in the same manner as INTC was in mid-May.

We have a VERY important closing hour ahead.  Eyes on the VIX, which with renewed equity weakness, is +5% in the 18s. Clearly nothing significant, but it sure isn't in the low teens as seemed likely just a few days ago.

...updates into the close... (what else would I be doing?)

3.03pm.. as things stand... we have sig' bearish closes in the Trans, R2K, NYSE comp'

sp'500 is currently moderately under 10MA.    Dow/Nasdaq still moderately above.

On balance... it is NOT something that should inspire the bulls.... as also reflected in most other world markets.

3.13pm.. VIX spikes powerfully higher... +17% in the 20.40s.

Rogue print... or indicative of something?

3.26pm.... VIX flashes back to the 18s.... end year kooky action.

Price pressure in equities remains broadly weak, sp -14pts @ 2049...

Ironically, notable strength: TWTR +4.4% in the $23s...

3.34pm.. In more serious news... I'm not going to win $1000 from Danny Riley.... I'm 40pts shy of my end year target of ES 2080 (aka.. sp'2090). 

sp -11pts @ 2051.....

3.46pm.. Darth Lucas speaketh

So.. his imperialness is trying to retract calling Disney as being the white slavers.

The real issue.. what would Boba Fett call Bob Igor?

3.50pm.. sp -14pts @ 2049. Looks like we'll get that monthly close for one of the three headline indexes.