Friday, 21 August 2015

3pm update - incredibly wild week

Regardless of the exact close, it has been a wild week, with the most dynamic three day swing since 2011, from sp'2096 to 1986, with VIX exploding from 13.73 to 24.92. Most important of all though, are the critical technical breaks on the bigger weekly/monthly cycles, along with the underlying core trend from the March 2009 low.




I'm tired.. and I'm starting to slow down.

I can only add... I hope I've added something useful this week...

Along with many others, I think it is now a case of waiting for a bounce to play out next week, and then bears can confidently launch an all out short against the market.

Oh wait.. I'm sounding like one of those 'malicious short sellers'.

Is that a Chinese SWAT team at my door?

updates into the close.......................

3.10pm..  sp -50pts @ 1985... VIX 25s....    wild day!

3.29pm... sp -55pts @ 1980..  VIX 26s...... the horror.... !

*for those reading around... Armstrong was just noting a viable Dow 15500 in the near term.... which is an interesting thought,  see:

Something to think about.

3.36pm.. wave after wave of selling on my screen.... amazing to see...  sp' -59pts @ 2076.