Wednesday, 8 July 2015

VIX stuck under 20

With US equities seeing significant weakness across the day, the VIX was back on the rise, settling +21.9% @ 19.62 (intra high 19.76). The key 20 threshold remains difficult to break/hold above, and if sp'2044 was a double floor (as seems very possible).. then VIX will cool from the 19s.. all the way into August.


VIX' daily3


It is entirely possible we have seen a double floor of sp'2044, with a near perfect double top of VIX 19.80/76.

The next day or two.. should give clarity.

Best guess... equities are set for broad upside.. back into the sp'2100s.... into August, which should cool VIX back to the 13/12s.

more later.. on the indexes