Wednesday, 8 July 2015

3pm update - rats... rattled

US equities have seen another wave lower, with the sp'500 -36pts @ 2044.... testing the Tuesday low. VIX is reflecting increasing concern, +22% in the 19.60s. Gold is holding gains, +$6, whilst Oil -2.4% in the $51s.




*VIX is increasingly twitchy as the market continues to cool.

.. awaiting the NYSE to re-open....
Price structure is offering a double floor of sp'2044, with a slightly divergent lower VIX high of 19.74.

3.12pm .... NYSE re-opens...

Market is set to claw upward into the close..... ALL cycles favour it.

3.26pm.. A lot of price chop around sp'2050.. with VIX in the low 19s.

Overall. I am not concerned... and I will hold LONG-INTC overnight.