Monday, 6 July 2015

2pm update - not surprising.. sliding again

With very few willing to buy at these prices levels.. or time, the market has naturally resumed the slide, with the morning low of sp'2058 set to be taken out by the close. VIX is reflecting increased concern, +8.3% in the 18s. WTIC Oil is in semi-crash mode, -5.8% in the $53s.



A net daily decline looks a given... the only issue is whether we close in the 2050s... or even 40s.

Best case for the bears... a close under the 200dma... with VIX 19s... which would be a good setup for further downside tomorrow.

After all.. there is no deal.. until there is a deal... right?

Meanwhile in London city

Sunshine for the bears

Bullish airlines

stay tuned

2.30pm.. sp' 2060...... already close to breaking the earlier low of 2058.

VIX confirming an increasingly twitchy market.....     the sp'2040/30s look due tomorrow.