Tuesday, 7 July 2015

11am update - may I quote general order 12?

US equities have swung significantly lower, with some notable lows taken out. VIX is confirming the renewed market concern about the lack of a Greek resolution, +10% in the 18.80s.  With the USD +0.9% in the DXY 97.10s, commodities are in destruct mode, Gold -$16, Silver -5.1%, with Oil -4.2% in the $50s.


Silver, daily


*Gold/Silver bugs should be waving the white flag... as Silver decisively breaks the Nov'2014 low... Gold... along with the related mining stocks are set to follow.

So, overnight gains.. an opening reversal.. and we're in the sp'2040s.

Its now the typical turn morning floor time of 11am... so.. a bounce into mid afternoon is probable.

*INTC hit $29.09.. which might be a cycle floor. For now... I'm content to watch..   will consider a long position.. if the $29s continue to hold.


... the Admiral is well aware of the regulations.

We are clearly in early phase of a sig' correction.. that will last into Sept/Oct. The more severe move though... not this cycle. Bears will need to be.... careful.

11.04am... INTC, daily

Target effectively hit... and we're already seeing a spike floor being made. I expect 29s to hold.

11.35am... The Sunday night futures low.. now being tested,...  with VIX 19s.

I continue to have eyes on INTC...

11.45am.. We have a double spike floor on the hourly chart.... looks like sp'2044 is the key low... with a lower VIX high of 19.20.