Tuesday, 26 May 2015

VIX back in the teens

With equity indexes closing significantly lower, the VIX finally managed to break/hold the teens, settling +15.9% @ 14.06. Near term outlook offers the 16/17s if sp'2080/75 zone. Mid term outlook will be dependent upon whether the USD continues to climb... or cools lower to the DXY 90/89s.




Finally, the VIX is back in the teens.

As ever though, the VIX never stays high for very long, and even the closing hour saw some moderate cooling from the earlier high of 14.63.

Best guess... VIX 16/17s by Thursday.

Unless DXY 98s...  the broader market will be highly vulnerable to resumed upside in June.

*I have zero interest in being long the VIX whilst most of the broader equity index trends remain outright bullish.

more later.. on the indexes