Tuesday, 26 May 2015

2pm update - equities continue to slide

US equity indexes are significantly lower, sp -24pts @ 2101. Considering the USD, VIX, and Bonds, it would seem another day of downside is due... with the 50dma (2097) set to fail... offering 2080/75 zone by Thursday morning. Metals remain weak, Gold -$18, whilst Oil is lower by a very significant -3.4%.




*VIX looks set to hit the low 15s...  although if sp'2080, that might equate to VIX 16/17s... briefly.

With continued strength in the USD, today has certainly turned out to be a lot more dynamic than expected, with sig' declines across all indexes... and most commodities.

It really is a case of whether the USD cools to 90/89... or just pushes straight up to the 120s.

If there is no cooling to the low 90s across June/July.. then 120s are due by the autumn.. and that would make for a broader market shock.

notable weakness: copper miners, FCX -4.9%, TCK -6.2%...

AAPL -1.9%...   with the Nasdaq comp' -1.2% at 5026...