Tuesday, 12 May 2015

12pm update - battling to turn positive

With bond yields rapidly cooling, the equity market is seeing a rather natural rebound. A net daily gain >sp'2105 now seems very viable, along with VIX in the 13s. Metals have seen a secondary wave higher, Gold +$11, although remain broadly vulnerable to renewed downside. Oil has built sig' gains, +2.5%.



Well, it does look pretty clear, right?

We have a higher low of sp'2085.. with VIX having filled the big gap zone in the 14s. It would seem the door is now wide open to continued upside >2117... and then 2125.

*metals remain a little annoying.. but still.. my entry level was what I had been hoping for.. so now it should just be a case of having some patience into tomorrow.. or a little later in the week.

GLD, 60min

VIX update from Mr T.

'...da dah da... one million contracts'

time for lunch