Monday, 14 April 2014

3pm update - weakness into the close

The equity bulls have managed a bounce from sp'1814 to 1834, and a bounce it almost certainly is. Primary downside remains Dow 15800/700s, with sp'1770/60s..which is still viable by late Wed/early Thursday, at which point, the current down wave will be exhausted.




An interesting..if somewhat annoying day.

*I will hold pretty heavy short-overnight, seeking my next exit in the 1800/1790 zone..preferably tomorrow!

Equity bears should be content with ANY daily close <1825, VIX in the low 17s would be ..useful

updates into the close.....

3.03pm.. some interesting weakness. Hourly lower bol' is offering 1808/06 for the close..but that would be a real shock to the bulls...

VIX trying to flip green..again.

3.16pm... Major FAIL for the bull maniacs..and its all turning nasty....... woo hoo

SEEKING an exit on the secondary short index block I picked up this morning...will surely get the boot...

*will STILL hold overnight, original two short blocks.

3.20pm.. EXITED second index-short..... still holding one other.

3.23pm.. EXITED VIX block...

3.24pm.. am tired...... have closed out ALL 3 short blocks....

will reassess overnight.. and see how we open tomorrow.

3.27pm.. call it whatever you like, but yes.. after today..I prefer to be on the sidelines overnight.

My day-trade worked out well in the end.. sig' gain...VIX was okay...first index block..minor loss.'ll do.

3.36pm.. Yeah, I sure do change my mind from time to time, not least when it comes to 'do I hold overnight'. As noted though, I'm tired..and I am no longer in the mood to hold overnight.

Overall...a somewhat okay day..but annoying.
I suppose there is still viable chance of 1840s..if so.....I'll pick up another index short ..and VIX-long long as price action remains 'broadly weak'.

3.40pm.. something of a spike/double floor at 1814/15..... hmm

I'm still HIGHLY suspicious though, that if we hit the 1840s..we'll get another major FAIL there.

So....I'll start tomorrow afresh, and if the bull maniacs get stuck in the low 1840s...I'll start hit buttons.

3.46pm..Looks like I chose a 'lucky' exit at the afternoon floor.

Everything I sold is about 15% lower...   Another 10/15% off tomorrow morning maybe...tempting re-shorts  ;)

3.48pm.. I don't much like the current spike, it is a little too powerful for my liking.

I guess some might call it a B- wave low, but others a fifth wave floor, and up to the 1900s in May?

3.56pm.. what a nasty closing hour candle.  Washing out the weak bulls.....only to then whipsaw back higher.....urghh

I'm glad to be out...will reassess ..overnight.