Friday, 28 March 2014

Volatility climbs into the weekend

With US indexes failing to hold the morning gains, the VIX battled back from an early low of 13.73, settling -1.4% @ 14.41. Near term outlook is for the sp' to break <1830, and that should see the VIX climb into the upper teens. Across the week, the VIX declined by -3.9% .





* we saw the usual 'whack the VIX lower into the weekend', having briefly peaked at 14.86

A closing daily reversal candle on the VIX, but still, that was a bit of a disappointment, after the sp' had rolled over from 1866 in the early afternoon. The VIX is still lacking any significant upside kick. Even the upper teens look difficult to reach.

However, if sp' can break key support in the sp'1830s, then we should see a swift drop in equities to 1800/1790, and that should be enough to kick the VIX to 17/18s. The 20s..look somewhat unlikely.

more later..on the indexes