Friday, 28 March 2014

3pm update - rats jumping ship into the weekend

US indexes continue to weaken, lead lower (as usual) by the Trans/R2K, with the R2K already red. Equity bears should be absolutely pleased with any daily close in the sp'1840s, with VIX 15s. For the bull maniacs out there.... you don't have my sympathies on your SIXTH consecutive failed bounce.




Last hour of the should be an exciting one.

Hourly index/VIX cycles are strongly primed for a snap move..although I don't think we'll see <1840 by the close..that really would be a surprise.

stay tuned...into the close!

3.14pm...a little chop..but the weakness is STILL there...

for real comedy...

KING, daily

What a great start for another tech stock.

3.28pm...minor chop continues..although still chance of sp/dow turning red by the close.

After all...the rats WILL sell into the weekend.   VIX 15s remain a target...

3.37pm.. Bear flag on the 5min cycle....just need <1852..and a red viable.

*watching clown finance TV for the closing hour... how they talk about 'investing in bitcoin'. sigh.

3.42pm.. R2K remains fractionally red...still time for the Dow/sp' to follow.

*I will hold short across the weekend, seeking a breaking <1830..which should open up 1800/ week.

3.49pm... weak weak weak....time for the day-trading bail!

3.54pm... 2 hours of micro chop...kinda disappointing..oh well, at least we didn't close in the 1860s.

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