Friday, 28 March 2014

2pm update - two hours to close red

Equities are seeing increasing weakness, and with two hours left of the trading week, the big question many of the rats will jump ship? A red close sure won't be easy, but from cyclical perspective, the setup is now in favour of the bears. 




So..two hours... <sp'1849, with VIX 15s?

Place ya bets ;)

2.07pm.. sp'1856... 10pts below the high...and still 114mins to go ;)

For those shorting the mid 1860s earlier...congrats....

2.16pm.. R2K turns ...RED.... rest of the market...set to follow.

2.27pm ..should see weakness all the way into the close. With the R2K already turning red...a close in the low sp'1840s is now viable..which frankly..would make for one hell of a big reversal..

Bulls...FAILED....sixth day.
Anyone wanna go long in the 1850s...into the weekend?  

...didn't think so.

Awaiting an entertaining closing hour.