Wednesday, 11 December 2013

12pm update - bears... briefly in control

With the break of support, the indexes are on the slide..with a primary C wave target of sp'1775/70 by early Thursday. Equity bears should keep in mind the bigger trends..and be mindful of heavy QE-pomo tomorrow. There is noticeable resilience in the momo stocks.



Summary the surprise of some - myself included, we are seeing a C wave.

With the A wave low being 1779, it is reasonably safe to assume a C target of 1775/70.

The very best case for the bears would be a test of the rising 50day MA in the low 1760s, but I find that difficult to envision, considering recent price action.

Frankly, everyone should be delighted with today. Bears are getting a chance to exit...and bulls are getting a chance to buy at somewhat more interesting levels.

VIX update from Mr T.

time for lunch

12.21pm.. weak weak weak. Been a fair few weeks since we saw some consistent downside like this.

The key issue remains....bears have a window...and it closes tomorrow morning, when another truck of benny bux is delivered to the primary dealers.