Thursday, 4 April 2013

Volatility slips into the close

With the main indexes clawing a few extra points higher into the close, the VIX naturally slipped lower, closing -2.2% @ 13.89. Daily trends suggest a jump >15, with a possible spike into the 16/17s this Friday..or certainly, early next week.




Despite the market opening higher, the VIX never really dropped much, and it was showing some distinct strength across the day.

The VIX looks like is very much primed for a jump into the mid teens either tomorrow, or very early next week.

There is the threat that the indexes could open Friday higher - if the market decides the jobs data is 'acceptable', yet I can't see such gains holding.

Indeed, sp'1540s look very viable at some point tomorrow. If that is the case, then VIX 16/17 seems the natural target to aim for.

more later...on the indexes