Friday, 7 December 2012

3pm update - closing hour confusion

The market now appears in low volume melt mode. The gains are minor.. but they are enough to again challenge the Monday morning highs. A close >1420 would be a lousy end to the week for the bears. Baring a number of the big money bull rats bailing into the close, this market looks set to close moderately higher.




VIX is close to taking out the earlier low, which would be very disappointing.

Lets be clear, we could still closer flat, or even a touch lower, but any hopes of <1405/00 by the look out of range.

A frustrating week.

We are (Permabearish) traders

UPDATE 3.12pm.  I'd like a close <5100 in the transports...

UPDATE 3.27 VIX breaks the earlier low. disappointing.

At least the indexes are showing a touch of weakness though, with sp1414/15

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