Friday, 7 December 2012

1pm update - battling it out

Mr Market is trying to find a direction. The earlier gains are all faded away,'d have to think the bears once again have a chance at finally breaking the market out of this very tight trading range of 1398-1423. Eyes to the VIX, which right now..back to moderate red, but it could easily see a mini-explosion into the close.




After those earlier pre-market gains where we were brushing up against the sp'1423 Monday high, I was worried we'd be in the 1430s by this afternoon.

But no, the weakness IS still out there, and lets see if we can see some selling to end the week on a downer. A close <sp'1400 would be a significant victory for the bears.

I remain short, and currently..will be comfortable to hold across the weekend.

*just now on Bloomberg TV, an analyst touting AAPL @ $325.

I think he been looking at my monthly AAPL chart ;) for 2013.