Thursday, 17 March 2016

2pm update - still battling upward

US equity indexes continue to battle upward, sp +14pts @ 2041, with the R2K +1.1% @ 1086. Another 0.4-0.6% looks probable for most indexes into tomorrow. VIX remains exceptionally subdued, -5% in the low 14s. USD is -1.2% in the DXY 94.70s, and that is certainly helping kick most $ denominated asset classes to the upside.


R2K, daily


Suffice to add... it looks like the equity bulls will manage to keep pushing into tomorrow, which is a quad-opex no less.

For the moment... there is zero sign of a ceiling, but we are unquestionably close.

notable price structure.. TSLA, daily

There are literally 30-40 stocks I'd like to highlight this hour.. but TSLA is a fine example of how things are approaching a break point.


2.11pm.. well, the 2038/43 gap is fully filled.

Next level is sp'2050.. with R2K likely 1100.

2.14pm.. short-stop cascade appears underway.

2.19pm.. R2K 1089...  sp' 2045...   VIX 13.93

As ever.. a typical turn is approaching... but R2K is still suggestive of 1100, and would now likely equate to sp'2050/55.