Monday, 11 April 2016

3pm update - weak chop into the close

US equities remain moderately higher, with probable minor price chop into the close. VIX remains subdued, -1% in the low 15s. Metals are holding strong gains, Gold +$17. with Silver +3.7%. Oil is +2.5% in the $40s.




Regardless of whether we close moderately higher.. or fractionally red.. its been a tediously frustrating day.

Even a move to the sp'2020/10s is proving to be very difficult.

3.20pm.. sp'2049...  VIX 15.50s... borderline interesting, but still..... I'm way past tired of this.. and it ain't even Wednesday.

*at the current rate.. we'll see a snap lower tomorrow morning... so.. the setup does favour the bears... but clearly..  need <sp'2033 to cause some trouble.