Monday, 11 April 2016

11am update - failed break

US equities remain net higher, but there is currently a clear failed break above declining trend/resistance from an early high of sp'2062. The hourly cycle is on the high side, and a net daily decline is now on the menu. Still... the equity bears have a lot to do... just to build a buffer zone from the key mid term high of 2075.




*note how the VIX held the short term upward trend.. whilst equities broke (but failed to hold) above.

Well, I'm trying to get some things done today.. am just checking in near the top of each hour. I don't wish to get lost amongst the minor noise.

Suffice to note.. its fractionally interesting right now, but the fact we haven't already broken into the 2010s.. is increasingly annoying.

time to shop...  back soon