Thursday, 21 April 2016

2pm update - purple skies, purple bear

US equities are increasingly weak, with a net daily decline in the sp'2090/85 zone - with VIX 14s, highly probable. Metals remain very weak - relative to early powerful gains, Gold +$4, with Silver +0.5%. Oil is -0.8%, having cooled from early gains of almost 2%.




Well, its 2pm... and I come home to see that Prince died. No doubt, clown finance TV will give that considerable (if not blanket) coverage for the rest of today.

Equities look set to remain on the weak side... with the 2070s due tomorrow, 2060s seem more viable next Monday.

Here in London city....

Its still not too late to buy an overly small and overly priced London property, before the bubble/economy implodes.


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