Friday, 29 April 2016

12pm update - sunshine for the equity bears

US equities saw a natural bounce from the sp'2065/61 gap zone, but there has already been a break into the 2050s.. with VIX pushing toward the 17s. USD remains weak, -0.8%.. set to lose the DXY 93s. Metals are powerful, Gold +$22, with Silver +1.5%.




*as ever, I am trying not to get overly lost in the minor noise... so this hour.. focusing on the bigger monthly/weekly charts.

As things are.. we're set for marginal net monthly declines in a number of indexes.

Despite a sig' net weekly VIX gain.. we're still at very low levels.

Hyper VIX upside to the 30s, 40s.. or even higher, looks viable in the latter half of May. No doubt the mainstream will be seriously twitchy about the June BREXIT vote.. amongst other things.

notable reversal.... RIG, daily

ugly candle.. ugly company... capitulation is STILL due in the energy/mining/shipping sectors... and RIG remains on my disappear list.

Here in London city...

Bullish Horse Chestnut

Bullish April sunshine and showers.

Another very mixed spring day... sharp showers.. but then glorious sunshine. A great day for equity downside.

time to cook