Wednesday, 16 March 2016

VIX crushed to the low teens

With equities breaking a new cycle of sp'2032, the VIX was under strong downward pressure (intra low 14.89) across the day, settling -11.0% @ 14.99.  Near term outlook threatens the sp'2038/43 zone.. before a key top is in, and then cooling into end month. VIX looks set to begin a push to first key resistance of the 20 threshold




On any fair basis, the VIX is now on the extremely low end of the trading cycle, having been cut in half from the 30s to the 14s.

A key turn looks due. First upside target is the key 20 threshold.. with the 25/30 zone just about viable by end month if some 'spooky news'.

VIX 40/50s look out of range until May... but they do look VERY probable.. if sp' 1700s or lower.

more later... on the indexes