Thursday, 31 March 2016

3pm update - the sun sets on Q1

US equities have seen one hell of a first quarter, declining from sp'2043 to 1810, only to then see a hyper rebound to 2072. Since the May'2015 high of 2134, the series of marginally lower highs remains intact.




A rather glorious sunset to end a spring day.

As for equities, we have the usual 'end month/quarter' rebalancing issues, so.. expect price action to get a little more dynamic in the closing hour.

Considering the hourly equity/VIX cycles, I'd be inclined to seek increasing weakness into the close, and across tomorrow.

What now matters is how the market interprets the monthly jobs data. Even then.. whether seen as 'good news IS good news' or 'bad news is good news'.. or even 'bad news IS bad news'... cyclically speaking, this market is still due to retrace.

*the hourly cycle is offering VIX 15s with sp'2040/35 tomorrow morning.

yours truly remains holding short.

back at the close.. to wrap up the day/month