Thursday, 14 January 2016

They made a movie about Cramer, lol

A new movie trailer has appeared for 'Money Monster', which is clearly based on Jim Cramer and his program 'Mad Money' on CNBC. Produced by Smokehouse Pictures, and distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment, it tells the story of a viewer whose latest trade didn't work out so well.

George Clooney as Jim Cramer,  Lee Gates

*warning: trailer contains significant plot spoilers, but hell, this is no Citizen Kane, and I'd recommend viewing it anyway.


First, let me say.. I'm not surprised to see such a story be put together.

The Cramer is a truly infamous character, having appeared in a few movies (most notably, Iron Man), and his 'Mad Money' show is pretty well known.

We now have a fictional story of a really pissed trader who goes after the host on live TV. The movie looks okay (if somewhat predictable), and Clooney and Roberts are always good.

Technical difficulties indeed

Yes.. its the 'sell sell sell' button

Cramer.. I mean, Gates wearing a bomb vest

The evacuation of clown finance TV

William Banzai... suit up!

Money Monster is going to offer all sorts of fun opportunities for those with photoshop/video editing skills. Mr Banzai - of Zerohedge fame, will no doubt be on the case with this latest financial movie.

I do wonder what Cramer and CNBC will make of this movie... due for release in May.

Ironically, the market should be at its weakest across the April-June period.. so... its all syncing up rather well :)

As for the equity market

There is a possibility that we're seeing a 5 wave decline from sp'2081.. and have.. or are about to floor. If you consider that we fell across 10 days.. a bounce would likely span 4-5 days... with a viable fib' retrace to the 1960/80 zone.


On the bigger weekly cycle...


The 1750/25 zone remains a serious threat in the near term, not least if the Aug' low of 1867 fails to hold. Keep in mind that the two market leaders - Trans/R2K, are already both below their respective Aug'2015 lows.

Looking ahead

Thursday will see more earnings, notably JPM.

Data: weekly jobs, import/export prices

*Fed official Bullard will be speaking in the early morning

Goodnight from London