Thursday, 14 January 2016

3pm update - net daily gains

US equity indexes are set for the strongest net daily gains since Dec'4th. If sp'1956 can be hit in the current wave from 1878 - whether tomorrow/early Tuesday, then after a B' wave retrace, a C' wave to the 1980s looks probable, and that will equate to VIX back in the upper teens.




So...a day of gains, with the down wave from 2081-1878 complete, having taken around 10 trading days.

Considering the current price action, the 1950s do look likely tomorrow.. or after the long 3 day weekend... next Tuesday.

Equity bears look set to get an opportunity to re-short in the sp'1980s... along with VIX <20.

.. and right now.. that is a good thought :)

notable movers..

AAPL +2.5%
FCX +8%
RIG +6%
TWTR +2%... but still only in the $19s.

weakness.. TVIX -8% @ $8.70.. which is a touch above where I originally bought last Thursday. The $6s look due.

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