Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Other world equity markets are not so pretty

Whilst some might have become rather bullish - as the sp'2100s look due, it remains the case that on a global scale, most world equity markets are still struggling. Unless the majority of markets can re-take the monthly 10MA within the next few months... there is trouble ahead.

Lets take a brief look at a few of the key world markets...

Germany, DAX

Japan, Nikkei

China, Shanghai comp'


*I will cover the monthly/yearly closing in the world equity markets this coming weekend.

Suffice to add, the current situation should concern the longer term bulls. Despite a third consecutive net monthly gain, even the China market remains stuck under the 10MA (3700s).

Those seeking a major market upset in the US in the first half of 2016 should be seeking a reversal/spiky-top candle for the SSEC in Jan/Feb... with no monthly closes >3800.

Looking ahead

Wed' will see Pending home sales, and the latest EIA oil report.

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Goodnight from London