Wednesday, 30 December 2015

12pm update - no real downside power

US equities remain a little lower, but clearly, as its another holiday week, there really isn't any volume, and that will generally favour the bulls for another rebound. The sp'500 remains within range for a 2015 closing around 2090.. along with VIX 14s. Oil remains under strong downward pressure, -2.8% in the $36s.


USO, daily2


re: Oil is clearly keeping some downward pressure on the broader market. For now, Oil looks stuck in the 36/38 zone. At best.. upside to the $40 threshold. Sustained upside >40 looks difficult in Q1.

Little to add, on what is a naturally quiet New Years Eve.... eve.

VIX update from Mr T... getting it done !

time for tea