Tuesday, 6 October 2015

11am update - just another tease

US equities cool from an early high of sp'1991 to 1979... along with VIX climbing from an early low of 18.82 to 19.77. However, this is likely just a minor tease to the equity bears before resuming higher to the sp'2000/2010 zone. Best case upside remains the 200dma in the 2060s.



Little to add.

I see zero reason for any of the bears to be getting involved right now.

China will reopen later tonight.. and considering the other world markets.. will likely see sig' gains.. and that will then offer the sp'2000s tomorrow.

notable weakness, DAL, -1.4%

Things would get real interesting if it remains stuck under $48.

Higher oil, +3.2%.. is certainly not helping the airlines this morning.