Monday, 14 September 2015

11am update - weak chop

US equities continue to see some weak chop.. with the sp' so far hitting 1949. Further weakness to the 1947/45 zone looks easily viable.. before the market stabilises into the late afternoon. Metals are a touch lower, Gold -$1, whilst Oil is holding around the opening decline, -1.2% in the $44s.



Little to add.

There is no real downside power.. that should be clear to everyone.. ahead of the Fed.

The bigger daily/weekly cycles threaten the sp'2000s before next opportunity of a rollover.

I've eyes on DIS...


102.99 hit earlier... but I didn't like the time frame... still waiting for another micro wave lower.

time for an early lunch

11.32am... almost there........

DIS -$1.00      :)