Thursday, 30 July 2015

3pm update - continued chop

US indexes look set to close moderately mixed, with the sp' having bounced from a Monday low of 2063 to 2110. Equity bears need a daily close in the 2080s - along with VIX 14s to offer clarity that this recent move was just another bounce.




A daily close <sp'2100 looks difficult, but regardless of the exact close... market looks tired.. and set for some weakness into the weekend/monthly close.

notable weakness, miners, FCX -4.8%,    GDX -3.6.. as Gold -$9... falling into month end.. as is typical.

*I will hold long-VIX, and short-INTC overnight..

A reasonable day in the city...

Not exactly warm though.. just 60f.

updates into the close..