Thursday, 16 July 2015

11am update - moderate gains

US equities are holding moderate gains, having broken a new cycle high of sp'2121, a mere 13pts shy of a new historic high. VIX is attempting to floor from 11.97, a daily close in the 13.30s or higher would be some hope to the bears that the market will cool (at least somewhat) into the weekend.




*keep in mind... Yellen is due this afternoon at 2.30pm EST, and that will likely continue after the market close.

Well, its the 11am hour...  its getting somewhat tiresome again, with the market higher for the 5th of 6 trading days.

notable weakness (at least relatively), INTC, +0.9%, having already come close to turning negative.

Hyper strength: NFLX +13% in the $111s.. that would be the $770s in old money. I guess a PE of 450 is still too much of a bargain for some to pass up.

time for an early lunch

11.14am..  and INTC turns red... in the $29.60s. An ugly failure from the AH high in the low $32s.