Thursday, 16 July 2015

10am update - opening gains

US equities open moderately higher, with a new cycle high of sp'2121, with VIX naturally cooling to the low 12s. USD is +0.3% in the DXY 97.40s. Metals are under pressure, Gold -$5, with Silver -0.6%. Oils is moderately higher, +0.3% in the $51s.




So.. we're higher.. at the upper gap zone. Above sp'2120 and there really isn't anything until the recent historic high of 2134.

Right now.. its not looking great for those seeking a retrace.

The lower gap zone of 2080 looks difficult, but 2095/90 by the Friday close is still in range.

Notable mover... INTC, pretty unstable price action though... hitting $29.70, before swinging back higher.

60min cycle

Keep in mind that INTC was trading in the low $32s in Wednesday AH action. Current price action is a major fail. with underlying earnings... lousy.

10.25am.. We're clearly seeing some initial resistance around the sp'2120 threshold... bears really need at least a minor net daily decline to offer some hope of 'weakness into the weekend'.

VIX early floor of 11.97.. a full 2pts below yesterday afternoons high. Urgh.