Tuesday, 16 June 2015

2pm update - eyes on Intel.. still

Whilst US equity indexes are moderately higher, sp +11pts @ 2095, there is a touch more strength in Intel (INTC), +0.8% in the $31.60s. Further upside into the $32s looks viable tomorrow... before weakness resumes. Broader price structure remains very bearish with probable downside to the low $29s.

INTC, 60min

INTC, daily

INTC, weekly


*for this hour.. a brief look at INTC, which I think is a valid proxy/indirect signal of the broader market.

To be clear, I like INTC across the longer term... but if the main market is going to see a sig' correction this summer.. INTC will be dragged lower. The fact INTC price structure is a giant H/S formation in my view only adds to a rather interesting setup.

As things are, I'm looking to short it... but not today.. nor at this price level.

Perhaps an FOMC spike high in the 32.25/50 zone tomorrow afternoon? If so.. I will be tempted to pick up some option puts.. and try to trade it down to the $29 threshold.

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