Tuesday, 16 June 2015

10am update - opening reversal

Equities open a touch lower... but with a rather strong upside reversal. The Greek situation continues to build, but it would seem the market will be able to battle higher into Wednesday (FOMC) afternoon... back to the sp'2100/10 zone.. with VIX 13s. Metals are weak, Gold -$8.




Well, despite continuing Greece chatter... the capital markets are pretty calm and confident right now.

More than likely... US equities will see moderate upside into the FOMC announcement.

To me, that will merely make for a valid short opportunity. As ever... the style of price action will be more important than any nominal index level.

Another great day for TWTR... losing the $34s...

TWTR looks headed for $30/29 this summer, but even at that price.. as a loss making company, who wants to buy that momo nonsense?

10.27am... chop chop.. but clearly... it sure doesn't look like 2072 is in jeopardy today.. or early tomorrow.

 TWTR keeps on melting.... -2.6%