Thursday, 7 May 2015

3pm update - maxed out... probably

US equity indexes appear to have maxed out at sp'2092. A touch of weakness into the close looks likely, with a viable snap lower on the monthly jobs data. With the USD +0.6%, the metals are under pressure, Gold -$8. Oil continues to weaken, -2.8%.




... updates into the close...

*I have eyes on FXI... but remain a little concerned about an overnight gain.. which would not be the best thing to wake up to tomorrow morning.

In any case.. the Shanghai comp' looks set for 4K.... which is another 2.5% lower.
notable weakness: DISCA -2.4%.... bigger daily/monthly charts look bearish.

3.15pm... Market remains stuck... as everyone is wondering not just what the data will be tomorrow morning, but far more difficult to fathom.... how will the market interpret it...

Ohh.. and by the way...

Does anyone know how to place a trade?

3.32pm... Market chop.. .sp'2087... a touch weaker...

Watching FXI... its been flat lining across the day... as things are, I'm not in the mood to hold short overnight.. not least with the hourly cycle threatening one or two up days.. before renewed downside.

Will reassess tomorrow...

Overall though.. lots of bear flags all over the place.. including Gold...      I just hope to ride the wave lower when it breaks <$1130. In theory.. it should happen within the next few weeks.

3.46pm.. VIX turns positive.... with sp'2086..... first hint of tomorrow?

Oil -3.0%... not helping energy stocks!  SDRL -6.6%

... well, micro 5/15min cycles are offering a bull flag....  but I ain't buying it.

back at the close.