Friday, 6 March 2015

2pm update - the entertainment continues

US equities remain very weak, with a weekly close now likely in the sp'2060s... where there are multiple aspects of support. VIX is naturally climbing, +12% in the mid 15s. The 16/17s look due. Metals remain in collapse mode, Gold -$32. Oil is sharply lower, -3.3%, having lost the $50 threshold.


GLD, daily


Somewhat fun huh?

We look set for a rather interesting net weekly decline.... settling in the 2060s.. with VIX 16s.

I certainly do NOT expect any sustained price action under 2050 next week.

Notable weakness.. miners, GDX, -7.4%.... as the metals implode.

2.41pm.. Its getting rather amusing now, Dow -280... sp' 2070..... rats are selling into the weekend