Thursday, 22 January 2015

European equities set to jump

The French, German, and UK equity indexes are offering very strong bullish signs for the spring. If the ECB announce annual QE of at least €600bn, the EU and other world equity markets should continue higher for at least another 3-4 months.

*since we have the ECB tomorrow, I thought it merited taking a brief look at three of the EU markets...

France, monthly

Germany, monthly

UK, monthly


Not surprisingly, the powerhouse of the EU - Germany, is leading the way higher. Even the UK FTSE, having been stuck for two full years is poised for a break into the 7000s.

Indeed, if we see FTSE 7K within the next 2-4 months, it will bode for far higher levels in most world equity markets across the next TWO YEARS.

*I cover the world equity markets in full, the first Saturday of each month.

Looking ahead

The ECB are set to announce at 7am EST, with a Draghi press conf. at 8.30am EST.

*there is also the usual US weekly jobs data.

Goodnight from London