Thursday, 22 January 2015

11am update - renewed push higher

Equities are seeing renewed strength.. helped by news of an int' rate decrease by the Danish central bank to -0.35% (yeah.. NIRP). A daily close in the sp'2050s looks very probable... along with VIX in the 17/15s. Metals remain choppy, Gold +$7.




*we already have a fractional break above the 50dma of sp'2046.

So... a few swings to wash out the weaker hands on both sides...and now its a case of how high...and how fast.

All those touting doom of 'Dragi will disappoint'... or 'low 1900/1800s'.. frankly should just shut up... and GO AWAY.

The ECB is buying T-bonds.... into autumn 2016... why would it stop there? Oh.. thats right... it won't.

Here is a question I will again pose another day....

Q. How long until the US/EU central banks start buying (at least officially) stocks/ETFs like the BoJ?

time to shop... back soon!