Thursday, 22 January 2015

10am update - failed opening gains

Equities open moderately higher to sp'2045, but have quickly failed.. slipping to 2026. VIX is not showing any real concern though... only +1% in the 19s. Gold is choppy... +$1. Oil has turned lower, -0.1%




We have a clear break above declining resistance.. but it is now something of a mess.

Overall though... equity bulls should win this battle out.

*I'm still to fathom exactly what the ECB are planning to do... maybe I'll go dig for a press release with some balance sheet details.

What is clear... Draghi did fire the Bazooka this morning. 

10.22am... NEWS UPDATE...

Danish central bank cut rates from -0.2%... to -0.35%.......

Equities regaining.. sp +9pts... the 2050s are now viable for a daily close.

Bears on the run!