Thursday, 15 January 2015

10am update - wild opening

US equities - along with all other aspects of the capital market, are seeing very wild swings. The sp' has already swung from an opening high of 2021... to swing to 2001. Gold is holding sig' gains, +$29. Oil has swung from +5%... to +0.3%




A long day ahead.... strap IN !

VIX is threatening to explode into the mid/upper 20s.... along with a drop to sp'1965.

10.16am.. sp -4pts @ 2006... still.... its wild swings out there today.... whipsaw hell.

Gold +$33... helping the miners.. GDX +4.9%... but I do NOT see a multi-year floor in yet. 

10.31am.. hourly MACD cycle set to turn positive.... things could be about to get real nuts... first target would be 2045...