Monday, 31 March 2014

2pm update - who wants to go long in the 1870s?

Equity indexes are holding the gains, but look very vulnerable in the remaining two hours of Q1 trading. VIX remains weak, a positive close would be a major sign for the bears.. but that won't be easy. Metals are weak, with Gold -$8.


GLD, daily


*the metals are indeed weak, and we'll see a major bearish reversal occur. More on that...on my Gold/Silver page..later.

As for equities...the hourly cycle sure is vulnerable. Either the bulls push hard here...or its going to break lower..yet again.

Considering the end month/quarter issues, the next two hours could see some pretty interesting moves.

Stay tuned!

2.17pm.. VIX just can't hold the 14s.. sp' 1872...but still..bears should be thankful for ANY close <1875, not that it removes threat of new highs tomorrow.

It remains....on the border.

2.25pm... Bears feeling max-pain this afternoon...on the edge.  I sure am.

Gold and Silver remain weak...for the bugs out there..a very disappointing month.