Monday, 31 March 2014

11am update - bulls have to keep pushing.. or else

US equity indexes are holding moderate gains, with the sp' having broken back into the low 1870s. VIX looks floored in the 13s (just how much lower could it go anyway?). Having seen no less than SIX previous failures to break higher, the pressure on the bulls will be high this afternoon.



*I think the hourly upper bol' is important. Bulls need a close - today..or tomorrow >1875.

For those who think the market will break lower..the short-stop levels are obvious....aren't they?
-- hysteria land... Twitter looks set to close the quarter <$50.

Hysteria fans..beware!

11.08am VIX 14.01... bears just need >14.25 to begin something...

11.27am.. VIX 14.16.... the potential IS there.  

How many of the rats will want to cash out this afternoon for end month? Hmmm