Wednesday, 26 March 2014

10am update - yet another reversal

US equities open moderately higher, but there are again signs of a reversal, especially with the VIX. The ultimate problem for the equity bears remains the QE-pomo, of which there is $2-3bn this morning. Metals are seeing minor chop, Gold -$1.50.




*I am very concerned at the QE today..and tomorrow. Bears face major problems with that issue.

Maybe its just me, but watching the VIX, tick by sure is damn twitchy this open.

This is particularly good commentary...from Mr H.

Maybe we just need to wait for clown finance TV to start talking about 'Economic Nirvana', for the ultimate sell signal?

10.02am.. Equity bears achieve an opening VIX reversal candle....however, I can NOT take seriously any of this..until we get a daily least in the mid 15s.

10.03am... The two leaders - Trans/R2K...set to turn red...

This could be a fierce battle today...bulls have the QE...bears....still holding the line <1883.

Strap in...a long day ahead!

10.05am.. Bears must break < really get a down wave going..otherwise..its just the same old chop.

Trans..turns... RED

Notable weakness... coal miners... BTU -2.8%.....most battered sector in the entire market.

10.19am... Oh noes....Candy Crushed....KING, -9%...from IPO of $22.50

more on that later...

10.27am... VIX turns green.... sp' back in the 1860s...but...really, I got to see the 1850s today to have any mild hope that the bears are going to hold the line <1883.

For pure entertainment...KING is fun to watch this morning.....

Fair value?  $0-01 ?