Monday, 9 December 2013

2pm update - the rage in all the bears

The main indexes are poised to break new highs, helped along with another truck load ($3-4bn) of benny bux. Metals are holding slight gains, Gold $6, but remain within very bearish broader down trends. Tech remains strong, with AAPL +$9 @ 569, year end target remains 580/600.



No doubt many of the bears are getting real annoyed as the afternoon proceeds. Some will still be clinging to hopes of a C wave, but really, it sure doesn't look likely. of my current longs..RIG

RIG has had a tough time putting in a floor, but we have a possible spike-low being formed..much like Nov'1. The next 3-7 trading days will be important for RIG, I want to see at least 52/53 before considering an initial exit, and even then, I'm still seeking much higher levels by end spring.

Another version of something I like..with a rather apt title.

stay tuned...

2.28pm... micro down wave..1807. Baring a move <1800..this is all minor noise though. Meanwhile, the hourly MACD cycle is at least 40% prep. for the next up wave.

I just can't see how we are going to fall across the next few days..where is no real econ-news due until early which point where is another large QE.

TWTR still gaining.. +9.7%  ..the lunacy.