Monday, 9 December 2013

11am update - morning chop

The opening equity gains are a little shaky, and no doubt some will be shorting, with stops in the 1813/15 zone. Metals are building gains, with a clear breakout to the upside, Gold +$9. With heavy QE later today, bears face major threat of latter day ramp to new highs.


SLV' daily'2


Very tricky day to call, and there remains threat of a C wave lower...although I just can't think of any real reason why we'll sell 2% or so lower.

Longer the bulls can hold the sp'1800s..the harder it will be for the bears. 

Notable strength in TWTR, AAPL, and UAL

11.29am.. Its not looking good for the bears...if I see 1812s.. a mere 1.5pts from the high, then I think its already towel throwing time.

For many out there, I realise that is not what you want to hear.

TWTR gaining...+7.3%...actually looking to make a break into the $50s... crazy.